Core Business

Overview 회사개요

​ZENITHTECH ​was established in 2005 with a firm will,

 "Being a ​Advanced Tooling Company."


We have been specializing in Engineering,

Manufacturing, Maintenance many different types of

Toolings(Press Die/ Metal Molds)

with OEM or ODM basis for various industries.

-  Blanking/ Piercing/ Cut off/ Parting off/ Trimming/ Shaving/

Forming/ Warm Forming/ Drawing/ Progressive/ 

Compound/ Combination, etc.

We also have been processing a lot of Parts

for our customers in many other fields.


We have a strong band with our domestic partners

such as, Technical Advisor, Checking Fixture Master

and other Tooling Specialists.


We established great business partnership in various fields,

from B2B items to B2C items cooperating in ma​ny

ways in manufacturing, marketing and trading.


We are constantly working for better service by

continuous improvement of our skills and technology.


We are always committed to securing a lot of new

customers and maintaining good relationships

with existing customers.


Why don't you have a good partnership with us?